Competition. Special Mention


Flexible use of space is the fundamental idea behind the design of this table, which is intended to serve utilitarian, logistical, and aesthetic functions simultaneously.

The main goal of designing this piece of furniture was to develop a technique that could solve problems of storage, transportation and assemblage. This began with the sustainable idea of looking at how to make the most from the use of space for living and working and how to transform these spaces to suit many types of use.

Forms are joined together to create a lightweight yet extremely rigid structure. Task lighting feature is conceived as an interlocking element of the tabletop which when closed it is flush with the table’s surface.

The table is sent out in flat box thus reducing packaging volume in order to optimize logistics. Furniture is extremely compact when folded and it saves space in storage and energy in transportation. This translates to less shipping, less fuel, less pollution and less waste. Its assembly takes a minute and needs no tools or further construction by the customer.