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With offices in London & Dubai, Studio Niko Kapa supports innovative architecture, using research as an integral part of the design process. By developing a wide range of activities, the Studio aims to build on the growing sense of awareness towards the built environment. We seek to shed light on modern architecture, urban and landscape design, targeting the recognition of modern heritage. We wish to develop the cultural value of architecture and design and the recognition of the social impact it has on urban regeneration, building communities, education and vocational development.

With an interest in the pioneering research and investigation, we maintain an active role throughout the design process, in the interrelated fields of architecture and design. Exploring architecture’s ability to communicate cultural content we are interested in how new technologies can interface with the architectural traditions of craft, materiality, pattern and how material effects can be tuned to human occupancy. Having a specific focus on sustainability as well as the cultural importance of architecture, Studio’s work is addressing urban planning, architecture and industrial design, with an effort to build links between theory and practice.

Studio’s projects have earned international recognition by winning design and architectural awards, with research work being published and exhibited internationally.

–  Listed by Architectural Digest among most influential architects in Middle East.
–  Awarded Innovative Architect of the Year in UAE.
–  Recipient of AIA Middle East Award.
–  Winner of AlUla Award from Royal Commission of Saudi Arabia.
–  Winner of Signature Art Prize.
–  Finalist of Premio Arte Contemporanea & Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize.
–  Recipient of Audi Innovation Award.
–  Platinum Awarded Designer for contribution on sustainable design.
–  Designer of the Year Nominee.