Competition. First Prize

Area / Size
181 ha


The project has double goal acting at global and local level: on one hand promoting the city of Seoul on the international circuit of cultural tourism through enhancement of the city’s identity and on the other hand activating an urban and social renewal process.

This proposal does more than replace the ageing sports facilities. It extends the urban and recreational features of Seoul through a multitude of flexible programs and experiences for both tourists and the local community. It proposes a hub for activity in all its scale, creating a true riverside city experience.

 Although perceived as an icon fundamental to the identity of the city, the Jamsil International Exchange District use and economic viability is being re-evaluated as part of the redevelopment. Seen by many as an under-utilized resource, the quest to build a new Sports and Business Hub is integrally tied to the needs and wants of its current and potential users.

The project combines the dualities of seemingly incompatible visions and brings them together into a dynamic and unified whole. Designed from the ground up – it is a development that puts people first, celebrates community, sustainability and diversity to create a vibrant city center and the soul of Seoul that is designed with a long-term logic.

Geometry, structure and construction are part of the design for a single combined concept that leads to unity and integration between various opposing themes: geometric and organic form as well as nature and architecture.