Concept Design


Each branch of the hyperbola consists of two diagonally opposite arms between the horizontal and the vertical axes. Every set of mirrored arms creates a self-balanced unit that is repeated to provide the structural framing.

Hyperbolic profile of bridge creates an arc shape in cross section. The curved shells provide an upward support force for the deck, which is supported by an open truss structure. The dead load of the road deck and the live loads are carried by the base arch, which is supported by steel tubular bracing below the roadway.

A network of cables suspended via the pylon holds up the road deck. These transfer the weight to the pylon, which is counterbalanced by the dead load of the base arch. Structural rings bind the pylon and accommodate a vertical array of wind turbines. Air is funnelled towards the turbines with the help of conical formations that speed it up in order to improve energy production.