Area / Size
2 730 sm


The renovation of the New York State pavilion is achieved with a sloped volume that connects the elliptical space of the pavilion with the 3 towers, through a closed loop that houses a continuous linear gallery. Following the original concept of the atrium public space, the inclination of the base structure results to a subterranean volume that surrounds an atrium with an open theatre. This sinuous volume intersects with the existing structural elements in order to find support for the cantilever and reveal the existing structure inside the continuous space.

The emerging form connects the building with the adjacent public space of the park, offering the opportunity to once again serve as a vibrant public space. The sloped roof forms a second layer of surrounding terrace that is accessible to the public in order to house outdoor exhibitions.

The tensioning cables between the structural steel ring support the concentric fabrics arrangement, maintaining the concept of the translucent “Tent of Tomorrow”. As the array of fabrics accentuate the interplay of light and shadow, the vertical massing breaks down the scale of the complex and creates a “rain” chandelier feature above the theatre.

The existing panoramic lifts provide vertical connection of the base gallery with the tower galleries and the “Astro-View” observation towers are revitalized as conical formations. At the highest floor, a café and an observation deck offer visitors unique views across the entire city.