Concept Design


The fundamental lines of the design are clean and dynamic, blending the rigor of engineering with aesthetic sense. The design of the bridge demonstrates adherence to a hierarchy of materials and forms, by exploring the nature of supports, essential elements in the overall appearance of the bridge.

Combining powerful concrete supports the structure grows progressively lighter as it rises and shows the forces that play on it in a dynamic way. The horizontal bearing structure of the bridge blends fluidly with the pylons and acts as a stiffener of the whole, permitting it to resist its own torsion stresses and minimizing torsion strain. The stays participate in the lightness of the design, with double series of steel cables connecting the deck sides with the central binding structure of the pylon.

Purpose was to imbue the design with a sense of movement, strengthening the impression of flow. The integration of the structure with the overall effect of the bridge profile allows for the lightness of the forms. These are not two different processes but part of a unified approach that gives the dynamic appearance of the bridge.