Concept Design


At the functional level, a chair makes physical and psychological connections with the individual sitting in it through its form and use of materials. At the same time, it may embody meanings and values which connect with the user at an intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, cultural and even spiritual level.

The “branch chair” exploits the expressive qualities of wood as a production material, in order to define the chair as an independent, autonomous whole – a harmonious expression of form.

The interest in line and movement is expressed through a refined and seductive organic vocabulary, derived from highly abstract life. With the embracing quality of its formation, the design is strongly suggestive of plant growth. In this way it expresses the spirit of the wood it is curved from.

Chair’s frame construction incorporates organic curving, instilling it with a certain sculptural quality that surrounds the human body. The arched frame is made of bent solid beech wood, which is curved in curved sections and then joined. For the seat it is used a shallow curved piece constructed of moulded plywood.

All of the chair’s surfaces are extremely tactile and the compound moulded seat along with the inclined back provide a posture that is physically satisfying. Chair’s design also allows stacking.